Hongtai CrossFit很榮幸將於2019年10月19日(星期六)下午3點至5點(酷兒驕傲遊行的前一週)舉辦台灣第ㄧ個LGBTQ Pride WOD。

Hongtai CrossFit is proud to host Taiwan’s first-ever LGBTQ Pride WOD on Saturday, October 19, 2019, from 3-5pm.

We are Hongtai CrossFit!


CrossFit has finally arrived in east Taipei! We are a new CrossFit box located in the Nangang District of Taipei, Taiwan. Our mission is to build a fitness community that optimally enhances each member-athlete’s quality of life and to bring CrossFit to diverse populations across Taiwan. Our vision is to be the best fitness and training facility in Taipei, and we plan to accomplish this through our values of safety, proficiency, efficiency, and community. Our name comest from the local Taiwanese word for "typhoon" (轟颱). 

Above video courtesy of CrossFit Inc.