Peter du plessis

executive DIRECTOR

Peter is what one might describe as a sports fanatic, he’ll watch and play just about any sport. If it’s a game, he’ll play. His love for spots started at a young age growing up in a rural community in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Despite taking part in numerous sporting activities during his school and university days, he competed at provincial and national level in athletics, tennis and karate. While studying at Nelson Mandela Bay University, Peter discovered gym culture and was naturally drawn to the discipline required and benefits obtained from following a rigorous fitness program. During his time in Taiwan, he continued to pursue his love for martial arts by studying aikido and jujitsu while also adding golf to his list of sporting passions. Peter started CrossFit at the beginning of 2017 and its methodology of a well-rounded balanced fitness which translates into improved capacity in sports immediately appealed to him. Peter holds a bachelor's degree majoring in accounting and law which he endeavors to successfully put to good use managing the company. For him Hongtai CrossFit represents the realisation of a long time dream.

Training & Certifications: 

  • CF-L1 Trainer (July 2018)

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