“I don’t have anything but love in my heart for anyone who wants to find health and fitness—we were friendlier than other fitness communities in that regard. There’s no place for anything but hard work and love. Nothing else really matters.”


— Coach Glassman

Hongtai CrossFit is proud to host Taiwan’s first-ever LGBTQ Pride WOD on Saturday, October 19, 2019, from 3-5pm.

Hongtai CrossFit很榮幸將於2019年10月19日(星期六)下午3點至5點舉辦台灣第ㄧ個LGBTQ Pride WOD。

The Pride WOD is open to everyone and free of charge. The theme of this year’s Pride WOD will be a celebration of Taiwan’s historic passage of the same-sex marriage act. The event will also include performances by Taipei’s top drag queens, fabulous music, and lots and lots of fun. All profits from the event will be donated to the Taiwan Tongzhi LGBTQ Hotline Association.

The Pride WOD將免費開放給所有人。今年的《PRIDE WOD》主題是慶祝台灣同性婚姻法的歷史性通過。 活動將包括台北市最佳Drag Queens 的精彩表演,聽到就想熱舞的音樂以及數不完的愛與樂趣。

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to CrossFit or an old pro — everyone is welcome! Please sign up below to join us for a day celebrating hard work and love, CrossFit style!

無論你是CrossFit的新手還是老手,初露鋒芒或是駕輕就熟都非常歡迎你! 請在下面註冊並加入我們,慶祝這特別的一天,讓我們以 CrossFit 風格慶祝這驕傲的愛與努力吧!


在此特別感謝 Café Dalida 的慷慨贊助!

Special thanks to Café Dalida for its generous sponsorship!

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